Food is the Party, and We're the Hosts!

Our story

We are Amit and Danny, friends for over two decades.
Around that time we started cooking together on campfire evenings with friends in the heart of the desert and since then we have cooked in countless places and countless meals, but the way and the goal remained the same – to have fun and it turned out delicious.
Over the years, soulmates have joined our team: the best minds and hearts who love to prepare food and, just as importantly, love to eat it, and together we have fun and laugh while producing fine cuisine. We love meeting people, and it’s important to us that our love for food passes from us to you. That is why we are attentive to the client’s wishes, from the first conversation to the end of the event.

The food

Our love for food started with trips all over the world:
Empandes in Chile, hummus in Jaffa, Michelin in France, tapas in Spain, pizza in Naples…
The more we tasted, the stronger our passion for food grew.
We believe that good food is first of all delicious, and delicious food is one whose raw materials are fresh and of high quality.
From the local cuisine – Levantini to the variety of world cuisines, we are here to create for you the right meal for the nature of the event and the seasons.
We will prepare the food on the day of the event and in the field, using fresh ingredients and using ancient and modern cooking techniques: from open fire to precise sous vide.

The Nature

Nature is our greatest inspiration, and as those who love to travel, stay and cook in it, we see the highest value in preserving it.
We do not want to take over it but to integrate into it.
Nature is a main player in the celebration and therefore we build an event and design the menu and the atmosphere inspired by the landscape and the area you have chosen.
In the desert, in the Golan, in the Galilee, or in any other region of the country you can think of, we have probably already held an event there, so we are here to advise and find together the location in nature that is just right for your celebration.
At the end of the event we will make sure that the cleanliness and peace of nature will return to it.

Slightly different events

We’re fervent believers in chasing dreams, and in our eyes, your event deserves the perfect backdrop. From the hidden gems we’ve discovered in our travels, we know the heartbeat of this country and its breathtaking locales. Let’s kindle your vision and set it against a canvas only dreams are made of.


Choose a location or ask for guidance, and we'll bring everything needed.


We manage the event, attending to every minute detail

Every kind of occasion

Be it private or corporate, we handle all sorts of events

Cooking classes

Outdoor cooking workshop without relying on gas or electricity,

In our versatile workshops held at any location, participants will have the hands-on experience of cooking over an open flame.

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